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General Terms of Use www.easy-car-repair.de

1. Scope of application of General Terms of Use

TEAM KAMM Data GmbH (referred to as TKD for short) operates the web portal for garages www.easy-car-repair.de. The following General Terms of Use govern the legal relationship between TKD and the users of the services provided via the website www.easy-car-repair.de.

If services of third parties are offered on the website www.easy-car-repair.de, these third parties only are responsible for content, design and implementation of these offers.


2. Use of Site Content - Use Licence

You can use the services provided on www.easy-car-repair.de if you order a use licence and are subsequently registered properly by TKD. Upon registration of the user a consent of use comes into existence between the user and TKD.

Users commit themselves to keep licence data (password, etc.) a secret from third parties.

3. Scope of Use – Limitations

TKD points out that the contents published on the website www.easy-car-repair.de are protected by copyright. You may not reproduce, modify, distribute or store texts, parts of texts, pictures or graphics, photos or other images of these contents without TKD's prior explicit consent. Furthermore, TKD points out that the contents published on the website www.easy-car-repair.de contain company logos, product trademarks, and other marks or symbols protected by trademark law. Any use of such marks requires the prior explicit consent of TKD.

4. Payment, life of agreement for use

The user must pay fees and charges for use plus legal VAT annually in advance by bank transfer. The life of the respective agreement for use starts on the day of the user's registration and activation of the required service modules. Contractual periods are 12 months and can be terminated to the end of this period in written form at a term of three months.

Without a notice in writing contractual periods are extended implicitly for another 12 months. The right of extraordinary termination for cause will remain unaffected thereof.

5. Limitation of warranty and liability

TKA points to the fact that contents communicated and published by TKD and applied by the user concerning the services provided on www.easy-car-repair.de are researched and collected thoroughly. However, TKD is not able to check all information, data and documents provided by third parties for correctness and completeness. Thus TKD cannot ensure the correctness, completeness and currentness of information, data and documents.

TKD excludes any liability for a proper functioning of the website www.easy-car-repair.de as well as of separate services accessible via this website. In particular TKD does not guarantee permanent availability of the website as well as of separate services.

Furthermore, a liability of TKD to the user, on whatever legal ground, particularly one related to a breach of contractual obligations and/or to claims in tort, is finally determined as follows:

TKD shall only be liable according to statutory regulations if the user asserts claims that are due to malice, deliberate action or gross negligence. Claims based on the product liability law are not affected by this restriction. If a liability of TKD has been excluded by the above-mentioned provisions, this is also true for its organs, employees, representatives and proxies.

TKD does not guarantee any success whatsoever and cannot be held liable for it.

If TKD is liable on the merits, damage claims are limited to foreseeable damage, unless the event that has induced the damage has been caused by TKD itself, its representatives or proxies by gross negligence or deliberate action, or in the case of an injury of life, body or health.


6. Misuse of access data

Users are liable for any misuse of the services provided via www.easy-car-repair.de as well as for any other infringement related to them, also committed by third parties, if they are responsible for it. This is especially true for the passing on of access data (passwords, etc.) to third parties that the user is responsible for.


7. Privacy policy

All personal data provided by the user and related to the conclusion and performance of the contract is treated as confidential by TKD in accordance with the prevailing legal data protection regulations.

8. Changes in Terms of Use

TKD reserves the right to modify these terms of use at any time and without giving reasons. The modified terms of use are sent to each user by e-mail at least two weeks prior to their coming into effect. If the user does not object to the new terms of use in writing or by e-mail within two weeks after receiving our e-mail, they are deemed accepted. The current terms of use can be viewed by the user at any time on the website www.easy-car-repair.de.

9. General provisions

For contractual terms and conditions, including these Terms of Use, German law applies only. Exclusive jurisdiction is the seat of TKD.

If any provision of these Terms of Use be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall be unaffected. Any ineffective provision shall be replaced by another valid one which most closely corresponds to the invalid provision in intention and economic effect.

Aichwald, February 2013

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